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My creative journey increasingly resembles a spiral.

Dance was at the heart of my first artistic impulses for over fifteen years. Movement, in interaction with a musical piece, guided my exploration. Dance was rooted in a sense of presence ; it emerged at the surface of muscle and flesh. I was then perfectly centered, embodied, alive.

With photography, I became interested in the pictoriality of the body, its dialogue with light and the shapes of its environment. The image quickly became a bridge to the digital, where I continue my choreographic exploration.


And if photography encourages me to observe the body from the outside to embrace its form, literature allows me, on the other hand, to explore the interiority and to enter the heads of fictional characters. The stream of consciousness of these characters takes shape through writing, which appears to me as a choreography of words and ideas.


Then, my literary creatures, in turn, generate images or 3D sculptures. Concordia was created in parallel with the writing of a science fiction novel where I explore the poetics of quantum entanglement; I had in mind the image of a superposition of different dynamic potentials of the same body. Multiple movements forming a single harmonious tree. I had already begun to explore this idea with one of my first 3D animations, Post-Pornographic Fantasy. Concordia highlights the interrelation between dance, photography, and the narrative device of my novel in progress. I see in it a kind of synthesis of my journey. Perhaps that's why I wanted it to cross the screen and appear in matter.


For a few months now, I've been exploring 3D printing. As if my quest for the sublime through literature — the most virtual of disciplines — and then through the digital — where I pursue all my artistic research — was sooner or later going to lead to a kind of reincarnation. For now, the bodies I print are minimalist and miniature. I re-encounter matter with a certain caution ; I dip a toe in the bathwater before daring to plunge in entirely.

I don't know what form this new aspect of my creative journey will take and how the various projects currently underway will intertwine and prompt others, but I trust my artistic impulse that encourages me to engage, as often as possible, in poiesis.


3D modeling & print | digital images | text : KAROLINE GEORGES

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