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2012- Laval University, conference

2011- Dieppe Book Fair, round table

2011- Forum on literary creation in Quebec, round table

2011- The Broca area, Canadian Institute of Quebec, conference

2011- Printemps des Poètes de Québec, 60 PPH, performance & video installation

2010- NT2 UQAM Laboratory, conference

2009- Modavia II, Second Life, Sublimation objects

2009- Moving Image Film Festival, Toronto

2009- International Biennial of Poets in Val de Marne (France)

2008- Voices and ways of writing, Poets, your microphones! Mcgill university

2007- 30th anniversary conference. CMCC

2007- Montreal in Lights, McCord Museum

2007- Voice of America Festival

2007- TAP Interregional Poetry Meetings

2006- The Jacques-Cartier Interviews (Lyon, France)

2006- Montreal Poetry Market

2006- Rêveiller, TAP, Tam Tam Café, Quebec

2005- Forum, The other face of publishing in Quebec, UQAM

2005- Living poetry cabaret, Manif d'art 3

2005- Female figures in the literature and culture of the 90s

today, ACFAS

2005- Moebius evening, World Book and Copyright Day, animation

2004- Kino Kabaret littéraire, International Literature Festival

2004- Purple Effect Event, Quebec International Book Fair

2004- Launch of Ataraxia, Society of Technological Arts (SAT)

2003- Orange, the current art event in Saint-Hyacinthe

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